There are instances in which you may not be happy with the assignment that you receive from your writer. In such an instance, guarantees that you will get a full refund of all your money if you make that request not later than 72 hours after the delivery of your paper. If you do not make the refund request within 72 hours after delivery of your order, we shall assume that the paper was written satisfactorily and that you are happy with it. As such, if you do not make that request after three days, you will have forfeited the right to a full refund. There are several factors that may cause your paper not to be delivered on or before the time that you specified on your order forms.

Some of these include:
LATE PAYMENT: will only start working on your paper once you make the full payment for the services or products ordered. Therefore, if you do not make prompt payment, you may get your paper later than desired.

VERIFICATION ISSUES: Given that there are many instances of fraud online, strives to ensure the integrity of the billing information of all our clientele.

LACK OF CLEAR INSTRUCTIONS: Clients need to give precise and clear instructions on the order form to avoid any delays in delivery. In the instance of unclear instructions, it may be difficult for the writer and editor to write the paper before we get clarification from the client. If we cannot get clarification on time, cannot guarantee that your paper will be delivered on time.

THE SOURCES: There are instances where the writer may find it hard to find the sources for your paper or ones that are found may not be made available to the public. In such an instance, we ask that the client provide the necessary source materials such as library logins or links to useful resources where the writer may get the information to work on the paper. If you need the writer to work on your paper using specific materials, you will have to provide access within the timelines given below or at the moment of placing the order.